Susak is a north Adriatic island, measuring 3.7 km² in size. It’s a sandy island, 98 meters high and about 7 NM distant from the island of Lošinj. The first inhabitants of the island were the Illyrians. At the site of “Vela Straža”,  the highest point of the island, a big defensive Illyrian fort was build. Susak has a fertile ground that is convenient for cultivation of vines and vegetables. At the site of the former Benedictine monastery, today the parish church from 1770. is located. The church is dedicated to St. Nicholas, the protector of Susak. The church and parish house next to it were thoroughly renovated in 1990. The church has a Baroque altar of St. Nicholas and the Altarpiece was made in 1964. by the painter professor Bruno Bulić. Inside the church a Romanesque cross "Veli Buoh" from the 12th century can be found. The cross was found at the sea and renovated in 1964. The residents of Susak have unique folk costumes. The female costume of Susak is richly decorated with vibrant colors. It consists of five underskirts called “Kamižota” – decorated with lace, an “Treviersle” – a decorative apron, a “Bušta” – an vest and a richly decorated scarf. Susak is an island made of sand, with sandy beaches and unique traditions!